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Computer Upgrades, Camberley, Surrey

You can upgrade your computer in many ways. The software can be upgraded with a new version of Windows or an improved version of Windows such as the Professional edition.
You may wish to install Office or a more recent version of it.
On the hardware side you may want to install a larger hard disk or more memory (RAM).
A new printer may need to be installed.
Pine Computer can carry out all of these jobs and more.

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New computer setup, Camberley, Surrey

If you have bought a new computer, you may want to transfer your setup across from the old machine. This could include email, photos, music and internet favourites.

You may not be so keen on the new Windows 8 or 8.1 system but do not worry, we can help you tame it and get it working as you would like.

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Virus removal, Camberley, Surrey

Do you have unwanted pop-ups, computer running too slow?
Your machine may be infected by a virus or spyware.
Pine Computer can clear this up for you. We will run three independent scans to clean your machine. The hard disk will also, optionally be cleaned of old, unwanted files at no extra charge.

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Laptop screen replacement, Camberley, Surrey

Problems with laptop screens can run from nothing visible on-screen to line across an area or damage to the screen. The usual solution is to fit a new screen but other issues may include a faulty motherboard, screen cable, backlight or power supply to the screen.
Pine Computer will run diagnostic checks to establish the root cause so the issue is fixed in the most cost effective manner. They will then implement agreed corrective actions.

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DC charger and power socket repair, Camberley, Surrey

Laptop charging problems are diagnosed and fixed accurately. Most likely the charger or the DC power socket has a fault, less likely is that the fault lies with the motherboard. An old battery can also cause problems and may need replacement.

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