Audio Servicing

Our chief technician built his first audio amplifier at the age of 10 using the Philips electronics experiment kit.
Over the course of the next thirty years he went on to build a variety of amplifiers, tuners and loudspeakers, often built from designs published in Wireless World.
Now he offers his considerable expertise to repair and service the following discrete component designs.

Amplifiers and other hi-fi

Typical equipment from manufacturers such as A&R Cambridge, Denon, Hitachi, JVC, Kef, Kenwood, Marantz, Panasonic, Philips, Pioneer, Sony, Teac, Technics and Yamaha can usually be repaired

B & O

A variety of classic designs such as the Beomaster 4000 receiver


Amplifiers: 221 421 521 621


Amplifiers: Stereo 20 Leak TL12+Leak TL10 Stereo 30, Stereo 30 Plus, Stereo 70, Delta 30, Delta 70
Receiver: Leak 2000.
Tuners: Troughline 2, Troughline 3, Troughline Stereo, Stereofetic


Pre-amps and power amplifiers


STA 25 power amplifier, STA 15, STA60 and STA 100 (also known as STA15, STA25, STA60 and STA100)
Pre-amps: SC.22 and SC.22P
Rogers Cadet Mk 3 amplifier, Rogers HG 88 Mk 3


Mono Valve pre-amp, or control unit for use with the Quad 11 power amplifier
22 As above but stereo
33 Transistor, for use with any of the solid state Quad power amplifiers
34 Transistor and integrated circuit otherwise as for the 33
44 As the 34, but more versatile
Quad 11 A superb monoblock valve amplifier
303 The first Quad transistor power amplifier
405 current dumping amplifier
405 2 much improved version of the original
306 Like the 405 2 smaller and lower power
606 Like the 405 2 larger and higher power
Am2 Unpowered am tuner for the Quad mono and Quad 22
Am3 Am tuner matching the Quad 33
Fm FM Tuner otherwise as the Am
Fm2 Valve FM tuner to match the Quad 33
Fm3 Transistor and I.C. Fm tuner for the Quad 33
Fm4 Fm tuner to match the 34 and 44.

Guitar amplifiers

Laney Klipp 100
Vox AC-15 and AC-30

Other manufacturers of valve guitar ampifiers are also repaired and serviced.
Mixer amplifiers such as the Samson A63 and A83 may also be suitable for servicing.
Recent successful repair jobs were a Samson A83 with severe buzzing and non-functioning display and a non functioning Technics A900 Mk2.
All repairs listed on this page carry a guarantee of 90 days if a fault recurs within this period